We are going up!

On Saturday, Wycombe Wanderers played a must win game at home to Southend United. Victory meant a return to League 1 at the first attempt.

For such a massive game, 8,567 fans were there to watch. Double the usual attendance. But not enough.

Not enough to fill the ground. Not enough to warrant an extension to the ground. Not enough to warrant a new stadium either.

The owner has been reported on other websites having a conversation with a supporter who is against the move without answers. Apparently we do not need to know the detail.

We do not need to know about the loss of Green Belt, how this will affect anything. We, apprently will be told what we need to hear when he deems it to tell us.

Thank you for that.

I for one have enjoyed my last game as a Season Ticket holder. I will always support the Blues and will watch them away, maybe even some home games.

I would be interested to receive your thoughts on this and look forward to hearing from you.

Matt Clarke