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E mail to members
Please find below the text from an e mail sent to members following the WSDL presentation to shareholders last Monday. NEW STADIUM PRESENTATION A number of your Trust Board attended a presentation by Steve Hayes and the WSDL team regarding the New “Sports Village” project yesterday evening. Although the presentation raised as many questions as it answered, it was a welcome start to a dialogue which we have been requesting for a number of months. We have already requested follow up meetings with Steve Hayes/WSDL, and this request has been acknowledged. A repeat presentation open to all supporters has been arranged for Monday 4th July at 7.00 p.m., at Adams Park, where members will not only be updated on the plans, but will have the opportuniy to ask questions.
I would strongly recommend you attend the presentation, and would remind members that you have to pre-register by sending your details to [email protected] . We will keep members appraised of developments on the Stadium project as they happen.

Matt Clarke