Is anyone convinced by the latest interview?

As time goes on we, the fans are treated with less and less courtesy.

We don’t need to know until we are told. Why is that?

Wasps do not need a larger stadium, our capacity of 10,000 meets RFU rules.

WWFC do not need a larger stadium. We could not fill it for the last game of the season.

WWFC own the ground, training ground and merchandise income.

If we lost our ground, we are screwed. Royally and we will not ever reach League 1 for at least another 10-15 years as a phoenix from the flames.

Why pay for 2 years of season ticket in advance? I have spoken with many people far more financially astute than I and their 1st reaction was “Why do this and are they in trouble?” All of them.

Platinum member? Read the small print. Kids free throughout the ground? Not everywhere. Where I sat, yes, sat, was £190 for my 10 year old. Free? Not my idea of free. Maybe let Trading Standards have a look at the paperwork?

I for one am not renewing my season tickets. Not as an anti anything protest. Just sick of poor treatment, poor stewarding, alcohol in where I use to sit, the owner treating me like a 5 year old when proper questions? Who knows.

I love my club. I will be at some games. I want my team to survive.

Does the owner want the same? He won’t answer my or your questions. Make up your own mind.

All we have ever wanted is answers. We have never received them.

Matt Clarke