Black and White Appeal

In case you’re wondering about the black and white scarves appearing at Wycombe matches recently, reproduced here with kind permission and by way of explanation is a rather eloquent post from the Gasroom.

We, as Wycombe Wanderers Supporters, are making a direct appeal to club owner Steve Hayes for more information on the proposed move to a new Community Stadium.

We have adopted the original black and white colours of the club’s predecessor, North Town Wanderers, because we need all of the facts in black and white.

We need to know whether Wycombe Wanderers Football Club will…
  • continue in Steve Hayes’ ownership after any move to a new Community Stadium;
  • own any part of a new Community Stadium;
  • pay rent in a new Community Stadium;
  • replace income lost from tenants London Wasps;
  • still receive all income from advertising, sponsorship, hospitality, conferencing and catering in a new Community Stadium;
  • keep receipts from the sale of Adams Park and the training ground;
  • be able to repay its debts currently standing at c. £6m;
  • significantly reduce the current annual losses of c. £1m ;
  • receive income from related non-footballing activities at new Community Stadium and associated Sports Village;

Without this information we are not able to make an informed decision, are not able to judge whether the Club can be sustainable in a new Community Stadium and seriously doubt that moving would be in the best interests of the Club.

If you too would like this information before deciding whether to back Booker, then all you need to do is purchase a black and white scarf and wear it to Wycombe Wanderers matches this winter and let everyone know that we need all of the facts in black and white.

It’s that simple, and it will help keep you warm whilst shouting on the lads!

For more information email [email protected] or [email protected]

Scarves are available here: