About the Campaign

A number of fans who were opposed to the proposed move to Booker. We could not see why a small Lower League club needed a 20,000 capacity stadium which we, on average would only fill a quarter of.

Our ground, that the club owns would be sold and the money from that would be put towards the development of the new stadium and sports village. Wycombe Wanderers would go from Freeholders with a Tenant paying income to a Tenant with no income and no assets. This is not an acceptable position in our opinions.

As the campaign has gathered pace, we have read similar posting from fans of London Wasps expressing their opposition to the move. We are also concerned that many businesses will be forced to relocate from the air park. The Gliding Club that has been so successful will be forced out of the area.

Furthermore, the residents of Booker may not want this development to take place for a wide variety of reasons. We want to hear from you as well.

We believe that if you accept that there are some parts of the “proposed development” that you agree with and some that you don’t, we want to hear from you too. There may be more common issues than you think.

Please email [email protected] to show your support or indeed for any comments.